Saturday, November 5, 2011

Drifting RC Cars - How To Choose And Some Recommendations

More and more people are getting really interested with fast remote cars or RC cars (RC means radio controlled) and even push their toys to the limits by doing drifting. Drifting RC cars does not solely rely on the driver's skill but is mainly on the machine that is being handled. RC cars drift differently from real cars and these little toys need some modifications to be able to do some Fast and the Furious moves you have always dreamed of doing.

Not all fast RC cars are good for drifting. The biggest attribute many RC car enthusiasts are looking for is the "maneuverability" or "handling" factor. Handling is very important that you may need to make some changes on your remote car. You need to modify the motors, wheels, shafts and some even do body modification of their RC car's body to achieve a lower and lighter machine.

Though some RC enthusiasts only rely on modifying the wheels, if your a serious racer who wants life-like car drifting, then you should consider to invest better parts for modification. It may be quite expensive to do so, there are some simple and cheaper ways to do it.

Aside from the actual modification, you might want to choose the right RC car for you. There are several brands sold in the market but there are only few which deserves to be burning down the mini-tracks. Tamiya, Traxxas, and HPI are in the top list of every RC car racer. I personally like Tamiya for electric RC racing.

In modifying your RC car's wheels for drifting, you might want to follow the procedures below. This is just a temporary modification and if you want a more pumped up fast RC drifting car, try to invest some good parts.

Simple Wheel Modification For RC Car Drifting

1. Secure a decent RC car for drifting race. Beginners usually prefer to buy Tamiya RC cars because it is reliable and cheap. Use 4WD cars, please don't use trucks and buggies ok...

2. Prepare some PVC or ABS pipe about two inches in diameter which should be about the same size as your RC car's wheels.

3. Remove the wheels off its chassis and also the tires of your RC car.

4. Cut the PVC or ABS tires to the width of your RC car's wheels. Clean the trims out of the pipes.

5. Try to fit in the sized PVC or ABS pipes into the wheels of your remote car. If in case it doesn't fit, freeze the wheels and boil the pipes then try force fitting it.

6. Return the wheels back to your remote controlled car's chassis.

7. Your done and ready for drifting!

Replacing the tires which grips on the surface reduces the likelihood of your RC car to drift. The slippery PVC or ABS pipes gives you the best alternative for the real and costly drifting wheels for RC cars. This is just a temporary but good modification for your RC car drifting wheels.

These simple tips should be helpful for you so you can kick start your passion for drifting RC cars.

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